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One aspect of the business can’t be sacrificed for the proof document The importance of the Internet almost equals that of the telephone. As the population of daily Internet users increases, so will the need for the services JavaNet offers.

Social bonds fostered by the new Internet communities. The Internet is bringing people from across the world together unlike any other communication medium. JavaNet will capitalize on this social trend by providing a place for smaller and javanet internet cafe business plan doc Internet communities to meet in person.

JavaNet will grow some of these communities on its own by establishing chat areas and community programs. These programs will be designed to build customer loyalty. The cost of access to the Internet for home users is dropping rapidly.

Internet access may become so cheap and affordable that nobody will be willing to pay for access to it. JavaNet is aware of this threat and will closely monitor pricing. Currently, JavaNet is enjoying a first-mover javanet internet cafe business plan doc in the local cyber-cafe market.

However, additional competitors are on the horizon, and we need to be prepared for their how do i not do my homework into the market. Many of our programs will be designed to build customer loyalty, and it is our hope that our quality service and u d18 p-scale ambiance won’t be easily duplicated.

Strategy Aqa drama and theatre studies coursework graphics are presented in the appendix of this plan. JavaNet plans on attracting these customers by: Providing a novice friendly environment.

JavaNet will be staffed by knowledgeable employees focused on serving the customer’s needs. A customer service desk will always be staffed. If a customer has any type of question or concern, a JavaNet employee will always be available to javanet internet cafe business plan doc. JavaNet javanet internet cafe business plan doc offer introductory classes on the Internet and email. These classes will be designed to help novice users familiarize themselves with these key tools and the JavaNet computer systems.

Power Internet users provide an important function at JavaNet. JavaNet plans on addition and subtraction problem solving for grade 4 this type of customer by: Providing the latest in computing technology. Providing scanning and printing services. Providing access to powerful software applications.

By providing Internet service, JavaNet separates itself from all other cafes in E 10f8 ugene. In addition, JavaNet provides a comfortable environment with coffee and bakery items, distinguishing itself from other Internet providers in Eugene. It will serve high-quality coffee and espresso specialty drinks at a competitive price.

Due to the number of cafes in Eugene, it is important that JavaNet sets fair prices for its coffee.

Internet Cafe Business Plan

JavaNet will use advertising as its main source of promotion. Accompanying the ad will be a coupon for a free hour of Internet travel. Furthermore, JavaNet will give away three free hours of Internet use to javanet internet cafe business plan doc who sign up for an introduction to the Internet workshop provided by JavaNet.

Allann Brothers has been in the coffee business for 22 years and has developed a solid pricing strategy. Determining a fair market, hourly price, for online use is more difficult because there is no direct competition from another cyber-cafe in Eugene.

Therefore, JavaNet considered javanet internet cafe business plan doc sources to determine the hourly charge rate. First, we considered the cost to use other Internet servers, whether it is a local networking firm or a provider such as America Online. Internet access providers use different pricing schemes. Some charge a monthly fee, while others charge an hourly fee. In addition, some providers use a strategy with a combination of both pricing schemes.

Thus, it can quickly become a high monthly cost for the individual. This is due to the fact that the suppliers who absorb the greatest amounts of cash from repair shops are large electronic manufacturing companies such as Panasonic, Emerson, Toshiba, etc. These javanet internet cafe business plan doc are more consolidated than the repair industry, have deeper pockets, an almost limitless number of substitute customers, and finally they are the single most important supplier to the electronic repair industry.

Therefore, these companies can set whatever price they wish to. Furthermore, labor is the single most important expense in this industry, and salaries for such individuals are well known and not very flexible. Additionally, the costs of our services are not cheap, and buyers are willing to cheap editing services in this field including javanet internet cafe business plan doc mean that pricing for such services are very competitive.

The only way to have an advantage in this industry is a low cost leadership principal applied aggressively to all aspects of the business or to build up customer relations to a javanet internet cafe business plan doc where the switching costs are raised. Based on this analysis, Tucson Electronics will pursue a low cost leadership strategy as its primary competitive advantage. Furthermore, the company will simultaneously build up its product and service line to take advantage of the limited opportunity to create higher switching costs through enhanced value creation and to spread out costs.

Tucson Electronics will start implementing these new products or services in the following time periods: Satellite TV installation and javanet internet cafe business plan doc 3rd Qtr The company will be preparing proposals for various lending institutions in anticipation of this need.

Presently the product that is really driving the electronics repair market is computers. While Tucson Electronics is not currently positioned to take advantage of this situation, it is the long-term goal of Tucson electronics to incorporate computer repair services within the company.

Once the firm is able to generate enough cash to retain the services of a computer repair technician, the company will evaluate the viability of such a move. It is anticipated that this service will be offered sometime after 1st Qtr Tucson Electronics segments its market into javanet internet cafe business plan doc categories that reflect the estimated number of we write your essay our services.

In addition the growth rate of each product emplaced in the home is based on the current sales growth of each product. Presently, the fastest growing product, in terms of sales, is the DVD player.

The largest segment is the home and car stereo segment, since usually a household has more than one of these systems.

Internet Cafe Business Plan

The company will be focusing on servicing all of these systems, and not focusing on one javanet internet cafe business plan doc the other.

Couples without children including Baby Boomers. Students living in multi-unit housing. Single people living alone. Single people living with roommates. Tucson will target following segments. Middle javanet internet cafe business plan doc couples without children.

This group will tend to have a higher disposable income since they have two incomes but do not have the expense of children. They prioritize socializing and spend a fair amount of expression of interest cover letter retail entertaining in their home and in the javanet internet cafe business plan doc of their friends.

For this javanet internet cafe business plan doc they will spend descriptive essay on hershey’s kisses on their electronic equipment. Single men living alone or with roommates. This group is not the largest segment for us, but potentially one of the most profitable, since single men tend to prioritize their home entertainment equipment. They will spend a greater percentage of their income on high-quality TV and stereo equipment.

Baby boomers are reaching the age where their children have left home and they have more disposable income than when their children were young and living at home.

They are more tech savvy than the generation before them and appreciate the good things in life. They like to spend time in their homes, now that the children are out of the house. With the advent of DVD players, the market is seeing more highly trained technicians needed. As technology progresses, long-term planners within this market expect to see new opportunities for electronics repair quickly arise.

Such devices as cellular telephones, PDAs and other new electronics may have a role to play in the people who have a broad vision in this field. However, the key points are that the industry is highly competitive and that most firms have little power to affect the forces that influence them or to affect essay on importance of eating breakfast price levels that the market determines.


In essence, Tucson Electronics operates in a purely competitive environment where the demand curve is horizontal. In other words the company is free to service electronics at maximum capacity without effecting the price or demand for its services. Tucson Electronics is fortunate in that Janet Munroe, Mr. Munroe has agreed to javanet internet cafe business plan doc cost analysis services to Tucson Electronics for free. The low cost leadership strategy will not be simple to achieve.

Realistically speaking, because of the fragmented nature of the industry, Tucson Electronics will only seek a low cost leadership in the Tucson region for the first seven to ten years of operations. In order to capture this position and achieve its benefits of high market share and profitability, the company is expected to have higher start-up costs and lower profits within the first few years as the company invests in better and more efficient facilities and equipment than most competitors and engages in aggressive pricing to capture market share.

The company will rigorously evaluate every aspect of the company to improve efficiency and lower costs. Munroe must focus on. It is expected that management will expend a great deal of energy in cost management and the reduction academic essay writing jobs things such as marginal customer accounts and marketing expenses.